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A Rhetoric of Motives essay

The first chapter the book focuses on the different uses of rhetorical realism as well as contradictory rhetorical realism. The author achieves this by defining the linguistic albeit through constructionism in grammar. According to the author, ...

Addicts Survival essay

The “Righteous Dopefiend” is an impressive study that gives an informative insight into drug addiction and homelessness witnessed in the United States.  Philippe Bourgois and his associate (Jeff) spent a considerable portion of ...

Ale, Beer, and Brewster’s in England essay

Introduction The book under review is ‘Ale, Beer, and Brewster’s in England: Women's Work in a Changing World’. The author of this particular book goes by the name of Judith M. Bennett. She is most popular for her literature that ...

Bad Samaritan essay

“The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism” According to research trade and development are interconnected and one leads to the other. Chang for instance is a renowned writer and economist and his contributions towards ...

Claiming Disability essay

Simi Linton is an American scholar who is known for her great work in championing for the rights of people with disabilities. She is also the founding father and the head of Disability/Arts group. Their work as an organization is to increase the ...

Full Steam Ahead essay

Full Steam Ahead was written by Blanchard who is a coauthor of the most sold series the 'One Minute Manager'. He strategically uses a parable in delivering the benefits of vision towards a companies welfare Ellie has just made up her mind to get ...

Global Perspectives essay

The book of Global Perspectives which is "A Handbook for Understanding Global Issues" written by Anne Kelleher and Laura Klein in 2005 is a book that I found really enjoyable to read. To begin with, this is a book that gives a multidisciplinary ...

Los Angeles Noir essay

Introduction Los Angeles (LA) is birth place of Noir. Maybe it is due to the overwhelming shadows cast by the Hollywood, blur of reality and article, possibilities of shucking off  the pasts like the last yearis  dress as well as ...

Men in Black essay

This paper is a Book review of “Men in black: How the Supreme Court is destroying America” Mark, R Levin and Rush Limbaugh. Mark, R Levin is a writer, a radio presenter, lawyer and also a national review contributor who uses his book ...

No Name Woman essay

Abstract Women are considered as weak gender in Chinese society. In the book, the Chinese expose women to odd jobs and also they are not considered that helpful when it comes to masculine jobs. They are also treated as slaves to their husbands for ...

The Edge of Disaster: Rebuilding a Resilient Nation essay

The Edge of a disaster is a scary and reassuring book written by Stephen Flynn. Flynn, a national security advisor/expert, puts the state of the U.S. security in black and white and puts it at the readers’ disposal. In this book, Flynn ...

The Every Church Guide to Growth essay

Introduction Most pastors especially in America have faced the 200 barrier. Only a few of them are able to break this barrier. However, for most of them breaking this barrier seems the hardest job on earth. In fact, most pastors never even think of ...

The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt essay

The book entitle ‘the goal’ is written as  a novel and its written from the perspective of the books man character Alex Rogo who is a plant manger at Unico and his factory is being threatened with closure resulting from various ...

The Kingdom of Matthias essay

The Kingdom Matthias book narrated a story about the marginalization of the people, the sexuality, fantasy and the commercial apprising within the United States, precisely New York. The city of New York was under the influence of radical groups ...

The Pursuit of Happiness essay

The author discusses people’s hunt for happiness. He derives her argument from the beliefs and practices of Buddhism. According to her argument, it is evident that human beings rely on the externals of the world to derive happiness. The author ...

The Well Dressed Ape Book Review essay

Science has been a major contributor to how we as humans look at our immediate environment. This is because science has given us a lot of answers all along as to who we are, where we are coming from and where we as a race are heading to. I is ...

Thicket of Unreality essay

The author of this book claims that there is a thicket of unreality between us and life facts. His claim points out to wealth, literacy, technology and progresses in the world as the major factors that have create the thicket of unreality between ...

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