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Use of the internet wiki sites has gone up recently. Many people have found easy sources to get information thought the internet both academic and non-academic material. The rise of wiki sites has hence come to facilitate the provision of information through the internet. This essay highlights on the use of wiki sites. Which sites are commonly used? The advantages and limitations of using wiki sites.  These sites are many, and easy to find. One of the well known wiki is Wikipedia (Goodnoe 2005). Each wiki site has information on different subjects.

Wiki sites are the internet sources especially websites that provide fast and reliable information to the researcher or students. Wiki sites began in 1995, invented by Ward Cunningham (deepika 2010). It stated as a way of communication and passing of information within an organization. It began with information on one article. It then grew slowly as individual added their post to the web pages. These sites are not under restriction by any individual, but any person can edit or create information on the site. With time the site became more popular, and more information was continuously added in to the site. Today wiki is the most common sites that people use to get information. As mentioned earlier wikis will always give you answers for the specific subject matter requested for on the internet. There are different uses of wiki depending on the need of the user (Brogan 2011).

Wikis can be used as a means of organizing operations in a business. It can be an excellent means to collect orders and supply business products. That is business men and entrepreneurs can operate from the comfort if their homes. Wikis can also be used to mark dates for upcoming events. Users can use wiki sites to as a dash board. In the dash board a person can include details that pertains him or her errands. For instance, a user can include dates of submission for reports to be handed in by field workers. A business person can also use the dash board to highlight on products that are on offer (Brogan 2011).

Through wikis, a user can get answers easily for questions he or she has. There are wiki sites that have posts of frequently asked questions and facts that are already stated. Hence a person does not have to search at length to get answers. Likewise, any person can update answers and discoveries on wiki sites for other users to familiarize themselves.

According to Istiawan, wiki sites have both advantages and limitations in using them. In as much as there is freedom to create and edit information, wikis have a limit for each user so as to give equal chance to everyone. Wiki tools are easy to use, and hence it is easy for users to access. Through wiki sites, students can do their group work, and include contribution from each member. From these sites, teacher and lecturers can have easy and fast access to the work submitted by students. Teachers’ can access students’ progress.  

Apart from the advantages, wiki sites have a limitation to the usage. Some individuals can decide to distort the information that is on the sites. In such cases, there are many that take time to monitor the information posted on these sites. These act as police of the sites, which note of any unacceptable postings on the site. If there is a post that is not relevant it is either changed, or the page is rolled up (Istiawan 2011). In other instances, students have submitted to the lecturer inconsistent work. This work when assessed is found not to have originality, or has information that is not relevant. This is one of the disadvantages of having contributions from various people.

In conclusion, wiki sites are extremely helpful to its users. However, the users need to beware of inappropriate and misleading information.


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