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As per the idea of Florence Nightingale, every woman is a nurse as she once in her life must have taken charge of the personal health of someone.  Actually the basic idea of nursing is to keep the body free from diseases or to help it to recover from diseases with the help of proper medicines and other aspects. For the project we have selected an evaluation experiment of a PHMB dressing compound which is comparable to the non-antimicrobial foam for the treatment of the superficial bacterial burden and other different types of wound associated pains. It also reduces the wound size. A very important aspect of nursing is the cleanliness of the patients and it is one of the most stressed aspects that Florence Nightingale has pointed out. In the case of patients with bacterial wounds, cleaning of the wounds and subsequent bandaging of the wounds are very important and so here comes the first aspect of nursing while treating the patients we have discussed in the earlier part of the discussion (Venes, 2009). Before applying the PHMB dressing compound the nurses should clean the wound with proper care so that there are no residue. And then they will have to apply the medicine as per the instructions. It is very important to change the dressing in every seven days and after every dressing the conditions of both the patient and the wound have to be noted. It will help in the experiment.


The study was conducted in two different wound healing clinics, one in a university clinic and another in a community health centre, where forty five subjects were followed for a period of five weeks. Each of the subjects had either foot or leg ulcers. The researchers have documented the development in the wounds and other different characteristics of the clinical trial to determine the superficial bacterial damage in the wounds. As per the study the subjects were asked their current level of pain in the beginning of the process, and it was based on a 5-point Likert Verbal Descriptor Test, where the points were:

  1. None
  2. Mild
  3. Moderate
  4. Severer
  5. Extreme

The main idea of the study is to decipher the level of pain localized in the study wound. The process utilized the Visual Analog Scale or VAS in the process. Any stinging of burning sensations were the assessment tool in the process. Initially the Wound characteristics were detailed as a ‘standardized tool’, and the periwound skin conditions were evaluated as intact and macerated, erythematous or blistered. As per the study most of the subjects said that in the second week of the treatment they started to relieve from the pain and in the third week the pain was almost gone. While in some cases the pain went away in the ending of the third week or the beginning of the fourth week (Sibbald, Coutts & Woo, 2011).

The wounds that are not affected by bacteria also recovers with the application of PHMB, it is very affective in the bacterial cuts. But still more clinical trials are needed to prove the significance of the medicine, and also the nurses and other health workers have to be educated about the use of the medicine. And only than the PHMB will become a success in the world of medicines.


The results obtained from the tests showed that the use of PHMB foam dressing significantly reduced the bacterial pains in the people at week four. As per the data the pain reduction was highest in the second week. The polymicrobial organisms were recovered at around the fourth week. Along with the dressing of the wounds the patients have to understand what they should wear when they have the wound that is undergoing a treatment. As per the instructions the patients should clean the surroundings of the wound with proper equipments and tit is very important for the nurses to show them how they can do the cleaning (Sibbald, Coutts & Woo, 2011). But it is advisable that they should not try to dress the wound themselves as it might make the wound to go worse.


After the test we can conclude that the foam successfully reduces the chronic wound pain and other bacterial burden. It has been seen that the wound related bacterial damage and infections of the same kind can result in poor wound healing, and ultimately it can bring about some adverse outcomes too. Even in worse cases there are chances of amputation too. In many cases the patients have to admit in the hospitals and it is the duty of the nurses in the hospital to take proper care of them. As per the guidelines suggested by Florence Nightingale, in the cases the nurses have to take care of the food and all other subsequent things that the patients will undergo in the hospital. For instance the patient should be placed in a bright room where there will be good ventilation. And as per the guidelines the patients has to taken out in a while during the treatment process which will evidently cheer the patient up, and it will help the healing process. Diets of the patients should be watched as well as the intake of medicines.

Petty management is very important in nursing, and it is very important for a nurse to know what should be done in the case of a sudden emergency. As per the medical reports the nurses will have to take the initial steps. From the point of view of the medicine that has been testing one can say that it is quite effective in the bacterial wounds and ulcers in leg and foot, and it can cure the patients in a span of four weeks. The pain will also be lessening with the help of the medicine. As per the tests both the subjects and the nursing staffs are highly satisfied with the results that the medicine has shown. As per the ideas of Florence Nightingale and the test process it is very important that the education the nurses undergo should change with the change of time. And in the tests like this will help to increase the work procedures of the nurses in a better way. So it is very important for both the management of the hospital and the medicine companies to ensure that the treatment of the patients and the trial of the medicines go on simultaneously.


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