Jan 22, 2018 in Analysis

Wall Street is an American drama film released in 1987 by the 20th Century Fox. The film features Bud Fox a Wall Street stockbroker who had a strong desire to climb the social ladder in the early 80’s. He is young investment broker who sells his stock and shares via the phone in the course of the day and spends his spare time discussion about investment options with another broker, Gordon Gekko who is ruthless and very greedy. The film Wall Street had great influence to the people of Wall Street in regard to climbing the social ladder and investment.

The Wall Street portrays a good image of capitalism and is a major influence to people’s perceptions and misconceptions in business. The plot revolves around Bud and Gekko with the latter attempting to raid an airline in an effort to satisfy his greed. The rise and fall of Fox including his ignorance to listen to the advice of fellow brokers completes the plot summary.

The film had a great economic background and specifically focused on the challenge of corporate governance. The film highlighted how the shareholders of a publicly ran institution had little desire to learn how the company’s assets were used or how the decisions were made. it changed this people’s mind-set which had great influence in their investment options. This eventually had a great impact in their efforts to climb the social ladder. The film also highlighted the significance of the silence maintained by some shareholders on the financial system.

Finally, the film had a major political impact to the residents of Wall Street. The film was itself a product of anti-takeover and anti-insider business environment that was taking roots at the time of its release. The film played a key role in creating a business environment that was becoming unfriendly to takeovers. The film influenced the prosecution of Drexel and Milken and eventually leading to the jailing of and fining of several culprits involved in the takeover game including Milken. The sentencing judge was later promoted to the position of an attorney general justifying the influence of the film on politics. Overall, the Wall Street had a great impact on social, political and economic lives on the people of Wall Street.


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