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When one is ill needs treatment to cure.  A small type of sickness could reach to a dangerous stage of cancer. There is an obstacle between illness and cure. We need medications for sickness even though medication does cost for it.  Medical care in the United States is expensive.  A large number of people could not bear the expenses of medication and need the vital roles to cover the medical insurance. However, other people are not insured and deprived of medical facilities and cannot resist to these diseases. An op-ed was published by the New York Times, which focused upon the impacts of newly proposed health reforms. In op-ed the President of U.S Barak Obama has raised the importance of the new health care reforms and urged to bring reforms in the existing health care system and explained the importance of newly proposed health reforms for the citizens. Rhetorical techniques, pathos and logos were exploited successfully by U.S President Obama. These arguments have strongly affected to bring the new health care reforms as needed.

Internal logic and faithfulness are denoted by these logos which lie behind an argument. A better logo attracts more readers because it validates the one’s arguments. President of U.S Obama has effectively presented the logos with logics and supported his arguments with evidences in “Why We Need Health Care Reform”. He has given statistics and facts to prove more strongly his evidences. Currently working health care system is more likely useful for the insurance companies as revealed by the President Obama, who also explained that millions of American people facing the harms posed by the current health care system. Obama too pointed out that many lost their lives due to not covering the medical insurance bills. These messages have clearly expressed the urgent need to pass the health care reforms as million of U.S citizens are waiting to receive the coverage of health care. In case, these people fail to get the medical coverage and might be dying. It requires the health care reforms as expressed earlier in the logos to prevent the mishaps about these things in the future.

Obama has also explained that by implementing the new proposed health care system will provide more benefits to those people who were not secure medically in the current health care system, so the current health care system is designed in a way to achieve the desired results. Four formal caused were stated necessary to pass this health care reforms. Every cause supported and worked very effectively for the passing of these health care reforms. Those people who were uninsured; given the better quality and affordable insurance through these health care reforms rather than working status. Obama has claimed that new proposed health reforms can work better for saving in the form of various groups, government, and business people and even for the common families. Disparity between the seniors and juniors will be abolished and every ranked person will get the equal medical facilities as ensured in these proposed reforms.  Restraining companies will have less impacts and protection of consumers will be preferred to be maintained. Logos, facts and statistics presented by U.S president with regards of the loss of lives; due to scarce of insurance and potential benefits of these reforms to a broader range of those uninsured people; convinced the readers why he wanted to bring these reforms and pass them. These pathos are referred to appeal the readers imaginatively and emotionally. Therefore president Obama has used these pathos effectively to engage the more readers emotionally and imaginatively. In the op-ed, Obama has narrated that a man in the middle of the chemotherapy lost his medical coverage; thus resulting in delay of his medical treatment. When I read these worlds; it triggered me more emotional and made me more sympathetic and sad for such people; finally that person was died.

I was very sad upon his misfortune experience and victims which he suffered during and in the end of the treatment. Feelings of other people were similar to my feeling about that person who lost his life due to non availability of health coverage. This narration has appealed the people strongly about the pathos offering the description of a particular person who died due to delay of treatment. This made the readers to stand with the views of the author. A concrete language was used to technicalities of the story of new health care system. This has created the image for the readers that triggered their emotional feelings. This study focuses upon the one another talks about the concerning issues of their health. This health care issue demands the further work in the form of debates.  These debates show the interest of the people who participate there. Most of the people favor these reforms and others have concerns about it. As a whole all people know the importance of these reforms and want something to be done; they hold the insurance companies accountable for these health care issues. When American talks about the health care; they must have the sense about their security and stability. Finally it is revealed that a consensus is forged to achieve the goals. Hence the people of the America hope that they are very closer to achieve these desired goals. Doctors, nurses and Para medical staff of the U.S knows the importance of these health care reforms.

No one likes to see the people to die but concrete examples can also be given in the following lines. It is seen that when a physician is liked by you, you can keep that physician. When a health care plan is taken and you like it then you continue your health plan. You do not like to any other line for this plan. This message created very positive imagination for the proposed health care reforms. Every reader thinks about the importance of the doctors who are liked by their clients. They too think about the health care plans and continue to keep them at pace. Many questions are aroused at this occasion. Obama has brought those pathos very powerfully as telling the stories which appeal to feeling and imaginations of many people. A women name Lori Hitchcock was self employed and suffered from the Hepatitis C in New Hampshire; needed the insurance company to cover her health care. Lori Hitchcock met the U.S President Obama in Hampshire.(Obama). This example has derived the readers to think about the Obama’s point of view and need to propose the new health care reforms.


Effective use of pathos by the U.S President Obama is explained with respect to health care reforms in this paper. Logos are presented in a way to focus upon the need of health care reforms in U.S. Pathos used by the Barak Obama are taken from the Calamitous stories which are aimed to produce the emotional feeling and reactions from the readers. By these pathos and logos the U.S President has conveyed the message to people about the importance of health care reforms. Insurance companies are accountable for the delay of treatments of many people as revealed by the American people with examples’ is also included in this paper.


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