You have written a lot of assignments and papers throughout your studies, your dissertation is one of the most challenging and demanding as your success is at stake. Have you already started considering how you will work on a dissertation abstract and a dissertation itself? If you have, this article will be of great use for you. Students frequently have a lot of questions about writing dissertations and we know which aspects are typically complicated for them. The questions are mostly related to the length of the paper, purpose of an abstract, and so on.  

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Abstract Writing: The Definition

Working on an abstract for your dissertation will demand the same efforts as your dissertation itself. It is the section with concise explanations of the purpose of your research for the professor, who will first of all get acquainted with this part. You have to exert a lot of effort to make sure that this brief part is informative and well-structured as it is actually a summary of the whole paper. The students frequently ask questions about the proper structure of a dissertation abstract.


You should make sure that it is similar to the structure of the dissertation itself. Thus, a dissertation composed of five chapters requires an abstract with the similar structure as you have to review each of the sections of the paper:

  • Introductory part
  • Literature review
  • Methodological part
  • Results
  • Conclusion

Another common question is about the word count of an abstract. The students often wonder whether the word count of a dissertation comprises the word count of an abstract. No, it does not. It is a rather brief part of the text, and its generally accepted length is approximately 250 words.

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The Purpose of Writing an Abstract

The main reason for composing an abstract is to present a concise summary of the dissertation and let the readers gain an insight into the process of research and general idea of the content. The setting for an abstract is at the beginning of the dissertation after the title page. In some cases, according to the requirements, abstracts are written separately and kept in special databases away from the dissertations.  

Dissertation writing is impossible without abstracts. Taking into account the fact that an abstract can be defined as a brief project description to be presented, it can also be viewed as a chance to produce a strong impression on the readers from the very first minute. 

Successful writing of an abstract demands a clear specification of the questions for research. It would be wrong to have more than three questions raised. In that case, they need restructuring and changes to some of them that have to look like subsidiaries. An abstract is the basis for success of the large paper, so it is supposed to be well-structured and logical. 

It is crucial to present the research results effectively; so, the summary should be accompanied with interpretation of the results. The question ‘what is a dissertation abstract?’ can have an answer like ‘it is a report for the readers to know what you have learnt and how effective your project has been.’ 

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Make an Abstract for a Dissertation Excellent: Valuable Tips 

  • Specify the abstract type. There are two of them: informative and descriptive. Each of them has specific components and aims. Being viewed as a summary, the informative type contains all the key points, covers the obtained results, presents the made conclusions, gives recommendations, and covers the material in a concise manner. Being viewed as an outline, the descriptive type refers to the general information and presents neither the conclusions nor the research results. Instead, it shows the methodology of the project, its purpose and scope. 
  • Get to know the required length of the abstract and keep up with it. Typically, the length of an abstract is up to 25 words or about a half of the page. It may be as long as one full page, but it never exceeds it. This, actually, will be considered as a mistake that will cost you several points off from your score.
  • Do the main paper and then work on an abstract. It is a concise project summary and only after the main body of the dissertation is done, it will be possible to work on this section. 
  • Be brief. Verbosity spoils the paper. The purpose of this part is to give only the most essential details of the paper, so no sophisticated vocabulary or superfluous structures are welcome here. It is important to make sure that the writing style of the dissertation and the abstract is scientific and the language is simple and clear.
  • Use the terminology. Using the key terms related to the project topic will show that you are aware of the fundamental concepts and you have extensive knowledge relevant to the raised problem. 

It is fine to have questions about writing an abstract as it is a challenging and time-consuming thing to do. Writing it, you are supposed to send a message and reveal the project significance as well as the research conclusions for the people interested in your work. Your research advisor will review the abstract first, and it is important for you to produce an impression that will last.

It is a time-consuming work and you have to be concentrated on the research and specific about the goals you would like to set. The level of writing skills among the students differs and it is natural for some of the students to find it difficult to present the ideas in writing. One of the challenges they have to overcome is the deadline and urgency as the abstract has to be submitted without delays. 

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