Human society can develop successful only with effective communication. People would have never achieved effective development in technology, medicine, science without correct communication. Speaking in other words, we would not be able to exist properly without changing information. That is why professors ask their students to complete communication essay tasks. It helps to communicate your ideas to the wider audience. In order to cope with this task, it is important to possess effective writing skills.

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Definition of Communication

Prior to explaining the notion of essay of communication, let us help you understand the definition of communication itself. It is important to understand that communication can occur not only between two or more persons. Communication entails every means that delivers or receives a particular message, like radio, telephone, television, social media, art, body language, etc. Communication is a very interesting subject for student’s essay because you receive an opportunity to choose from variety of topics. Right now, we will talk about some of them. In case communication is not your essay subject but you still have problems with choosing the topic, you are free to visit our section of popular topics. We hope that it will inspire you and you will be willing to choose an interesting topic for your essay.

Ideas for Your Communication Essay

Many students find communication an appealing subject for their essay because they can choose a lot of communication essay topics to write about. There is no need to conduct extra research work. Currently, there are numerous means of communication. People message each other, make phone calls, receive information via TV and radio, etc. Choose whatever you like most and write your essay.

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How to Create a Properly Structured Essay on Communication Subject? 

Essay and its success depends on many factors. Below you will find tips on how to create an outstanding essay. Prior to writing an essay, you should do the following:

  • Choose the topic; 
  • Conduct the research; 
  • Plan the writing process. 

Your instructor can give you a particular topic but if not, you can select the one that it most interesting to you. In order to properly support your claims, you have to research the topic and find real facts. Then you can create a paper outline in order to structure your thoughts and ideas in the logical way. Do not forget to include the following important sections in your essay: 


Here you need to draw potential readers’ attention to the essay content. You can start your essay with an interesting quote or a short story. Everything should be relevant to the essay topic.Do not forget about such an important aspect as thesis statement. It has to reflect the topic in an accurate manner. 


Every new point should be presented in a separate paragraph. The writing message should be clear. That is why simple language is recommended in your essay. Start every paragraph with presenting the major idea. Do not confuse the reader with more than one ide in one paragraph. Make sure you use smooth transitional words. Sentences should be linked with each other by the means of special words like ‘on one hand,’ ‘for example,’ ‘consequently,’ etc. 


The last essay paragraph is conclusion. It is the last chance of the author to impress the audience. The final chord should end with a strong sentence. You can always look for communication essay example online. However, essay length, its structure, format and references should comply with your university requirements. Talk to your instructor about specific instructions prior to writing the paper.

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Topics for Communication Essay

  1. Communication and its definition 
  2. The rise of media and propaganda 
  3. Media and the importance of freedom of speech 
  4. Communication and its major factors 
  5. How to start a conversation on the media? 
  6. Hype on the media
  7. Media companies and censorship 
  8. Media psychology and manipulative communication
  9. Advertising and its history 
  10. Media as the means of propaganda 
  11. Video games as the means of communication
  12. Is it necessary to censor violence? 
  13. Children and social media 
  14. Can we consider social media a new type of diaries?
  15. Art-house vs mainstream media
  16. Can we trust media? 
  17. Modern world and social networks communication
  18. Is there still an exclusive material on the media? 
  19. Media as the way to express yourself 
  20. Laws in different countries related to Mass Communication 
  21. Disasters and media 
  22. Media as the means to spread terrorism 
  23. Wartime and the media 
  24. Is there journalism ethics in the 21st century?
  25. Modern journalism
  26. Old school journalists vs bloggers 
  27. Media regulation in Eastern Europe 
  28. Has Internet changed the media? 
  29. Creating the events or reacting to events? 
  30. Will virtual reality replace real life? 
  31. Why people forgot about old newspapers? 
  1. Marketing campaigns on social media
  2. PR, politics and media
  3. Media styles and types 
  4. How to detect fake on media? 
  5. Science and social media 
  6. Educational objective of social media 
  7. Is radio still popular? Why? 
  8. Entertainment and hidden messages in the media 
  9. How social media influences on teenagers? 
  10. Interpersonal communication and how to make it real? 
  11. Finding about new cultures via social media 
  12. Mass communication and its philosophy 
  13. Corporate culture and social media 
  14. Globalization due to social media. Is it positive for our society? 
  15. Time management and social media usage
  16. Business development and the role of social network
  17. Company’s success and effective communication between departments
  18. Communication with customers and how to make it effective 
  19. Importance of nonverbal communication 
  20. Business communication and its peculiarities 
  21. Bad communication skills among leaders 
  22. Different cultures and their means of communication
  23. Ways to improve communication on the company 
  24. Is it a good idea to stop using social networks? 
  25. Technology age and new means of communication 
  26. Miscommunication and its main reasons
  27. Internet and business communication.
  28. Improving communication skills via face-to-face communication 
  29. Barriers in communication 

Choose the topic you like the most, use our recommendations on paper structure and create your excellent communication essay or place an order at our company and we will do it for you.

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