After entering the law academy, the phrase ‘case briefing’ becomes a hymn that everyone knows by heart. It, nevertheless, goes unsaid of what a case brief is and how it is done. Let us define what a case brief is and how to brief a case.

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Literally, a case brief is an entail of marked points that arrange the composition of a case. In the proceedings of a case, so much is told by the people in the issue; the judge, respondent, and the rest. It is important to filtrate out the significant data from the pronounced data in the proceedings. This filtration includes determining and later either writing or printing only the needed data.

This may not obligatorily be in a live court proceeding. Case briefs may be composed from books where prior sessions were noted to. Anyway, not all the data given in a certain book may obligatorily be precious and that is why filtering is required. We have 2 kinds of briefs: book and traditional. Here is a list of the main things that belong to the traditional brief.

Traditional brief consists of:

  • The names of the participants
  • Name of the Judge
  • The procedural story
  • The court the decision or point of view came from
  • The facts
  • The questions disclosed
  • The holding
  • The legitimate reasoning
  • Argument why the case was involved in your reading assignment
  • In the end, the questions might occur after reading the case.

The above mentioned can be grouped into four parts for your convenience.  First is the facts; this involves the names and the story. Second, are problems; this goes to what is a debate in the case. The third is the holding; this concerns the used rule of the law. And the last is the reasoning; these concerns to the reasons for the holding. These four groups are the most essential and with them as a student one has to be able to remember the case fully. 

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The next type of case brief writing is a book brief. All the above-mentioned demands of the live briefing are also required for this one. They are the ground of any brief. However, it looks a little bit differently. Mostly, a book brief includes available reference which is the book itself. It is essential to keep in mind how to determine the crucial parts that have the key aspects that as a student one needs. The next couple of methods may be useful for you:

  1. Applying the sequential colors to determine various requirements or features. For instance, one may apply the color red in the names of the participants in the case. In such a way, one can determine requirements at a glance.
  2. The least highlighting. If the highlighting is overmuch, then it may say that in the full book everything is essential. That is why try to highlight only the key elements.
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As a freshman in a law academy, case briefing may not always be easy for you at the beginning but with time pass you will definitely refine your skills. Case briefing aims to assist the student in being enough prepared before a lesson. Both kinds of briefing operate well; nevertheless, the partiality of students is what can distinguish their productivity from the two groups. Later on tests, students only have to shadow three elements to successfully keep in mind a case:

  • Facts of the case
  • Procedural story
  • And the decision of the case.

Now when you are aware of what is required, how do you determine the relevant data? The answer cannot be easy. Involve all data just as long as it is relevant and will individually help you to remember the case. To sum up, I would like to say that the brief title case is mostly meant to mean that the case is briefed. That is why a case brief has to be truly brief.

Long case notes are mostly senseless as it will be exhausting to review them. Long notes are not simple to look through especially when you are preparing to test. On the opposite, very short notes are also not very useful as it means that only minimal information is mentioned there. Simply saying, case briefing is like an ability that is revealed. The more you practice, the better you become in writing them.

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