When you are majoring in biology, chemistry, or any academic program related to scientific research, you will undoubtedly be assigned lab reports. Sometimes you will be asked to keep them together in a lab notebook whereas other professors will ask you to produce reports separately. If this type of assignment is unfamiliar to you or you are struggling with completing them, we offer you the option to buy lab reports online from BestWritingService.co.uk is. We will discuss this in more detail down below. In the meantime, this article provides some suggestions that you will find helpful when you need to write, say, a chemistry lab report or one for any of your other science classes.

In a nutshell, a lab report is how you make a record of your scientific experiences, including what you learned and what it means. Here is a typical structure:

Lab Report Essentials

  • Title Page (when applicable):

Your professor might not necessarily require one, but if he/she does, this is the layout:

  1. The title of the experiment.
  2. Your name (and anybody who worked on the experience with you).
  3. Your instructor's name.
  4. Due date or the date when experiment was conducted
  • Title: The title explains the experiment. Keep it short (no more than 10 words) and to the point. For instance, “Examination of Protozoan Cultures to Determine Cellular Structure.” Note that you can omit articles such as “the” and “a” in the titles.
  • Introduction: This should be no more than a paragraph long. Just briefly explain the goals or purpose of the experiment. Also include the hypothesis. In some cases, you might need to include background information, a summary of how you conducted the experiment, state the findings, and conclusions.
  • List of Materials: Include the equipment, tools, specimen, and anything else that allowed you to conduct the experiment.
  • Methods: Mention the steps you took as you conducted the experiment. Image you were telling somebody else how they can do this. Provide enough detail that would allow others reading your report to conduct the same experiment. Explaining this using tables and figures would be a plus as well.
  • Data: Include any data you collected and recorded during the course of the report. Keep in mind that you are only presenting data here, not interpreting their meaning.
  • Results/Discussion: This is where you would proceed to interpret the meaning of the data. You would also decide whether the hypothesis can be accepted or rejected. You can also point out the limitations and weaknesses.
  • Conclusions: Summarize the findings one last time, discuss the broader implications and make recommendations for future research related to this experiment. Now that you know how to write a conclusion for a lab report, the writing part is finished!
  • Figures and Graphs: Make sure to include labels on your tables, charts, and graphs. Title your figures as “Figure 1,” “Figure 2” and so forth.
  • Bibliography: If you used any outside sources, provide proper attribution.

As a final tip, do not put off your lab report until the last second. It requires a lot of information, often of a technical nature or even including various formulas, especially if you are writing a physics lab report or one related to chemistry or astronomy. If you turn it in late, your professor might not accept it, which means all of that hard work that when into doing the lab experiment was all for nothing.

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