Definition of the Term ‘Blog’ 

The short version of the term “weblog,” a blog is a web-based platform - possibly a website, diary or journal - that provides information. It enables writer(s) to exchange views on a particular subject. The posts are usually presented in reverse order, with the newest post presented first or in the top spot.

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What Purpose Does a Blog Serve? 

People tend to write a blog  - or buy a blog article - for personal reasons and, more frequently for business use. A blog for project work, business, or other reasons that may earn money has a clear purpose. That is to increase the blog owner’s website visibility and get it ranked higher in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).  

If you are a business owner, your aim is probably to get consumers to continue purchasing the products and/or services you offer. If your business is new, your aim is probably to attract the attention of prospective customers so that they start buying from your business. If it were not for blogging, a website would not be visible, while blogging makes your site competitive and searchable. 

Therefore, a regular blog has the primary purpose of connecting you to the right audience, build their brand, and show off your niche expertise. A further benefit is that it boosts traffic to your site and generates good-quality leads. Using niche expertise to create engaging and informative blog posts helps to build trust with a targeted audience. Effective blogging has the ability to give a business credibility, something that is very important for new and still relatively unknown brands.

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How to Write a Blog Article? The Structure  

Nowadays blogs come with a considerable array of widgets and other features but most of them retain their original structure and familiar features. The following are typical features in a blog: 

  • Heading with navigation or menu bar 
  • Sidebar showing popular content, social media profiles and/or calls for readers to act 
  • Main area for content highlighting most recent content or posts 
  • Footers containing links to contact information, privacy policies, disclaimers, and so on. 
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How Blogs Differ from Articles  

Blog Posts 

If a written piece is viewed as a blog post, it is essential it has its home on a blog i.e. a website or web page for posting regular updates with the latest posts being presented first or at the top. 

Blogs were originally (mostly) of a personal nature. While that is definitely not so nowadays, posts still have a tendency to be quite casual, conversational and opiniated, which is rarely the case in articles. If you study a blog article example, you should notice that it is common to address the audience as “you” and encourage participation or feedback, most commonly with comments.

Blogs are not usually, as long as articles, often no more than one page and at times just one paragraph in length.


It is more usual for an article to be based on fact – a typical purpose is communicating news. (The majority of items that appear on news and newspaper sites are deemed to be articles, even though some are also classified as blogs.) Mostly, articles are formal pieces and clearly structured with an introductory section, main body, and concluding section. Generally speaking, their nature is objective and they use the third person. Nevertheless, you will find that some articles have the aim of changing readers’ opinions and calling on them to act. 

It is more usual for an article to be founded on authoritative quotes, source-based information, in-depth research and they do not usually invite conversation or commentary.


What is Blog Article Writing? Here is a Five-Step Guide:

  1. Begin by planning your post. Select your topic, research it, check your facts and create an outline. 
  2. Develop a catchy headline. This should simultaneously inform readers and get their attention. 
  3. Start writing the post. Draft it in one go or build it up slowly by adding parts. 
  4. Choose images for your blog post. These enhance, add some humor, improve how it flows, and help explain more complex subject matter. 
  5. Edit. Read what you have written out loud to see how it flows or get another person to read it and give you feedback. Keep sentences and paragraphs brief and cut out repetition or unnecessary text. Make last minute adjustments if necessary.

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Here are some interesting blogging facts that could give your business a welcome boost. Firstly, blogging continues to grow in popularity, particularly in the field of e-commerce and B2B enterprises. This seems logical since good-quality leads are known to result from organic searches. Secondly, blogging is thought to generate a longer-term ROI (return on investment) than conventional forms of marketing. Therefore, it is vital to keep content updated. The difficulty is finding an effective way to create and support this important part of a website.

Another thing worth knowing is that longer content (e.g. a minimum of 2,000-word posts) shows better performance, and the inclusion of video and infographics improves the possibility of attracting traffic. It therefore seems reasonable that a lot of successful business people invest in promoting their blogs to reap financial gains later. Because of this, many of customers buy a blog article when they need one (or several) from the qualified and expert writers at to enhance their businesses. We offer every type of writing help you might need to succeed!

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