Have you got a new assignment to do for your college? Are you excited about writing a book report? What do you start with? What you need first is a great book report outline that will determine the success of your writing project. Are you ready to start the process? Then it is time! Read through guidelines concerning the outline writing hints and enable your instructor to be so happy with it that an ‘A’ will be guaranteed. This website will be your assistance and guide in the world of effective writing and getting excellent grades!

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Now you have realized that even an outline requires certain efforts to be exerted. You are in front of your computer tempted to get some book report outline template online and just copy it to save time and your energy. It is natural to search for easier options, and you can even find the samples of book reports and outlines written on the basis of the same book you have for your academic task. It seems to be a turn of luck, but be careful. If you have not read the book, you will not be able to analyze whether the report and outline you have found are appropriate and written correctly. Only your actual reading and interpretation will show deep thoughts in the paper and the tutor will see that you have read the book and analyzed the contents to summarize and interpret it.

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Proper Structure of Your Outline

Even if at the first sight you doubt that a book report outline is worth working on, you will definitely feel afterwards that the whole writing process will be simplified with the help of a good plan. Your report will be consistent, structured logically, and full of ideas arranged properly if you base your writing on the outline prepared beforehand. No online searching for the templates is needed if you have our expert tips on making outlines effective.

For instance, you have got a task to prepare a book report on one of the most notorious horror novels in the history of literature, “Christine” by Stephen King. Let us start the writing process according to the following stages:

  • Writing an introduction
  • Brief book summary
  • Details about the main characters
  • Details about the plot
  • Conclusion and non-judgmental evaluation

Making Your Introductory Part Effective

Introduce the book, mentioning its author, title, and the main idea. Let the readers know about the book genre, date of publication, details about the publisher and number of pages. It is essential not to forget about the awards or records the book has broken, if any.

Discussing “Christine,” you will definitely mention its title, author Stephen King, publisher Viking, genre of a horror novel, and April 29, 1983 as the date of publication. It is important to mention the movie adaptation of the novel in 1983.

How to Write a Book Summary: Expert Hints

This section includes a broad book overview with a specification of the discussed time period, plot, setting, and characters. It is necessary to touch upon the tone and atmosphere of the story as well as its main idea.   In case of “Christine”, the summary can be presented in the following form: ‘The story of a 1958 Plymouth Fury has its focus on the destiny of a car and its impact on the life of Arnie, its new owner.” This is a concise overview of the whole story, but you can include more details in the descriptive summary.

icon Details about the Characters

You will ask, “How to write a book report outline without mentioning the main characters?”  In this section you will list them and specify if there are any relations or conflicts between them. It is important to emphasize specific problems to be solved and mention the role of minor characters, if needed. For “Christine,” it will be a paragraph like that. ‘The book presents the story of Arnie, a teenager and a new owner of Christine, who buys a cheap car to repair it, but this purchase changes his life altogether.’ You should also present Dennis, another main character as a friend of Arnie, who dislikes the car and foresees the problems to arise. It is only a short overview of the section, while you will definitely want to mention more details about the characters, in particular their age, background, interests, and other peculiar features.

icon Details about the Plot

A good book report outline always includes a section about the story plot. It should not be overloaded with excessive details, still it is supposed to present the main twists of the plot and mention all the elements that boost the events and change what will happen next. It will be right to add the details about plot devices and literary themes of the book in question and your theoretical background will help you a lot. In “Christine,” you should focus on a wide range of elements of the novel, including the aspect of jealousy and understanding that something is changing in the car. It will be a turning point for the character that will soon lose his family and his love.

icon Section of Conclusion and Evaluation

Present all your opinions and points of view here, in this section to offer the readers to see your individual book critique and either agree or disagree with your ideas. Mention the points you consider strong and weak. Ponder upon the techniques the author uses to create suspense. Mention the lessons you have learnt and tell whether the book impacted you at the level of emotions.  It is good to include some quotes here which can serve as a foundation for your ideas. Make your opinion sound honest and give a recommendation to other readers who would like to know whether the book is actually worth reading. In “Christine,” mention that it was somewhat scary to read particular passages and those chills make the book worth the readers’ attention.

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Learning how to write an outline for a book report, you will get to know how to make the content brilliant, but you should also remember about proper structuring and form of the paper. Make sure that the outline and the report are revised, edited, proofread, and polished properly and only then submit them to your tutor.

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