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We know that there are literally hundreds of thousands of the Internet-based writing services vying for your business, and we understand that it may be difficult to know which ones are ethical and which are simply scams.

he sad truth is that the vast majority of the web-based writing services are scams. They offer cheap prices, promise turnaround times that are too good to be true, deliver horrible pieces of writing to their customers, and then move on, changing their names and putting up a new website. The customer has spent money for nothing! provides custom writing uk service that is professional, reliable, trustworthy, and committed to long-term relationships with its clients. When clients are happy, they return, and we believe that top quality and customer service is the way to build a business!Below you will see the difference between essay writing services uk at and most all other writing services uk. Other company
Prices We have reasonable prices based upon the academic level of the work, the complexity of the custom writing uk piece, and the deadline established. Usually a single price-per-page, and a very cheap price at that, because the works are plagiarized, cut and pasted from previously written works, or written by foreign students.
Customer Service Our offices are open 24/7, 365 days a year. You can reach us by phone, fax, email, live chat or messaging. You will receive rapid and appropriate responses to all questions or issues. Because they are not in the customer service business, you will find that they have no telephone number and that they do not respond to your emails or messages, especially if you are not happy with what you have received!
Quality Assurance and Control Unlike other writing services uk, we have strict policies to which our writers must adhere. Our strict no-plagiarism policy is backed up by plagiarism scans on every work our writers produce; our editorial staff reviews and proofreads every piece, checking the authenticity of resources used and research referencing, as well as structure and grammar. Nothing is generally checked, because there is no editing department at all. The work is produced and delivered – that is all.
Security and Privacy
We believe that essay writing services uk should guarantee complete payment security, and we guarantee this, using a fully secure third-party merchant services. We also believe that customer confidentiality must be protected at all times. We use encryption methods and delete personal information to guarantee this privacy. Non-secure merchants are often used, and there is no guarantee of customer privacy.
Customer Satisfaction If a client is dis-pleased in any way with the received work, s/he may request revisions. These revisions are completed at no additional charge, within 48 hours of the request. Most do not take requests for revisions. In instances in which revisions are allowed, there is always an additional charge.
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It is important that students and others using customer writing uk services conduct important research before selecting a specific writing service to create works for them. Here are some of the things that one should look for as s/he investigates the quality and service a company.

  1. Review the website carefully. Is proper English utilized? If not, get out immediately! Sites that are designed with text that is in poor English are owned and operated by foreign nationals, commonly using poor foreign students whose use of English is also poor. These students are paid very little and that is why the site’s prices are so low. The results will be plagiarized, cut and pasted, and poorly written, disorganized content, and references will be unauthentic.
  2. Does the site have multiple methods of contact, including an actual phone number that works? If not, be very suspicious. Sites that allow only email or messaging are not generally committed to customer service and are probably operating unethically.
  3. Beware of prices and deadlines that are simply unbelievable. Good writers and quality customer service staff members will not work for a company that charges so little. Common sense should guide your investigation of both prices and deadline promises.
  4. How long has the site been in business? It takes years to establish the professional writing staff that a reliable and professional writing service has. Any service that promises works at all levels and in all topic areas and yet has only been in business for a short time, cannot deliver on those promises.
  5. Search for non-site reviews of the company. If you find a number of complaints, cross that company off your list of possibilities. will pass any such investigation with “flying colors.” We know that once you have experienced the quality and service we provide, you will never search for another writing service again!

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