Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery belongs to the list of exclusive services that our company provides. It enables clients to monitor the writing progress of long papers (10 pages single-spaced and 20 pages double spaced) with complicated task descriptions.

What pros you get when you use our progressive delivery service:

  • As a client, you can keep track of the writing process from its initial to final stages.
  • Writers will deliver you the paper in parts, sections or drafts in order for you to improve them and provide specific recommendations if needed.
  • You will be granted 30 days of free revision option.
  • Your paper will be processed only by the best writers and editors.
  • You will get assistance of a personal manager, who will help you deal with any problems or inquiries while waiting for the final paper version.

Drafts are sent in the following way*:

  • If you have specified the order urgency as 4 days or less, then you will receive only one draft that will be delivered to you after 50% of the deadline timeframe. The volume of the paper will comprise 25% of the total word count limit.
  • If you have specified the order urgency 5-11 days, then you will be delivered two drafts throughout the writing process. For the first draft, the writer will have to provide 25% of the total word count limit. This draft will be sent after 25% of the deadline expires. For the second draft, the writer will have to write 50% of the required paper length. This draft will be provided when 50% of the deadline ends.
  • If you have decided to give the writer 12 days and more to work on your paper, then your assigned writer will be obliged to provide you with three drafts: 25%, 50%, and 75% of the total paper length each. As such, the drafts will be delivered after 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline expires.

*The progressive delivery option costs additional 15% to the total order payment.

If a client wants to modify the procedure of progressive delivery service, then he/ she is free to make suggestions to the personal manager. Of course, there should be some valid reasons for the possible changes in the company service delivery.


Paper summary belongs to the category of additional services, where you receive your whole paper briefly summed up in one page (300 words). This short paper helps you look through the main points discussed or researched in the paper.

Draft of Your Paper

Our company provides a service where you can order a one-page draft (it will comprise of either 300 or 600 words depending on whether the paper ordered is double-spaced or single-spaced). The draft is delivered after 50% of the given deadline limit expires.

Extended Revision

While the usual revision option allows you to send revision requests within 48 hours after you have received the order, the extended revision option allows you up to 14 days to be able to send revision requests to your assigned writer.